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Moving Shop

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Hello, we’ve started moving our (little) content from here to the Chymeric Tutorials. We’re happy you visited our site, and hope to meet you over at Chymeric Tutorials in the future.

As a consequence Chymeric Tutorials will prospectively include more photography tutorials, and this website might be deleted at some point in the future or kept as a reference. To signal our merger we have also transferred the Chymeric Photography color theme (white-black-pink) to the Chymeric Tutorials domain (formerly white-black-purple).

Moved Posts:

Per-photo Model Release Form

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Model release forms help photographers secure the freedom to publish and sell their photography work. One issue with model release forms, however (especially in the context of informal photo sessions) is that they are tailored to the practice of professional photography, and commonly grant the photographer all rights to all pictures they may have taken of the model. While for professional models this might not be an issue, for relatives, friends, and acquaintances of the photographer such a commitment becomes daunting.

Here we present a model release form concept based on encryption technology which you can use to transfer rights for single photographs.

(Faded) Color Processing Profiles

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In a tumblr post regarding this issue we presented a conservatively processed version of the image at hand along with 3 of our more polished attempts at using ex-post faded color filtering. This is part of an ongoing effort to experiment with processing methods which we traditionally regarded as “unprofessional” or, for lack of a better word, “instagramy”.

“Conservative”, Faded Faded Orange-Teal Faded Pink-Blue Faded Red-Gold

A general rationale which speaks against such editing is that perfectly good color space extent is sacrificed for a look which may be regarded as shallow. On the other hand, many appreciate this sort of look as “artsy” – which is more or less what prompted the effort.